I see and hear many oboists struggling to make reeds and often the reed itself becomes their goal. Playing the oboe — gradually or suddenly — takes a lesser priority due to the many "reed problems." The enjoyment and primary purpose of playing the oboe waits and suffers.

Reedmaking need not occupy your attention and time beyond reason, and using The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Oboe Reedmaking keeps the reader on track toward successful reedmaking leaving more time for practice and performance.

"The detail explored is quite astounding. The comprehensive variety of approach to problems is impressive. No stone is left unturned, to the extent that almost no-one, following the descriptions and illustrations of process, could fail to make a decent attempt at a reed." 

— Geoffrey Bridge, oboist,
Hon Treasurer, Advertising Manager, Acting Membership Secretary, British Double Reed Society

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Most people have questions and concerns before starting to make their own reeds.

One consideration is monetary. In addition to the investment of time and effort, there is the expense of the tools, supplies, and equipment. This cost needs to be compared to the cost of purchasing reeds, lesson time spent adjusting reeds, frustration with reeds, limitations on practice due to unplayable reeds, or the cost of not knowing enough about reeds.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Oboe Reedmaking: A Guide to the American School of Oboe Reedmaking will help you determine if making your own reeds is a viable option — starting with as few as 6 tools costing about $270 including the book.

How many reeds can you buy for $270?

Often you will find better prices and more options for some items, e.g., sharpening equipment, at hardware and non-oboe supply stores. Reedknives, mandrels, cutting blocks, and reed blanks are usually best — and often exclusively — purchased from double reed suppliers and supply stores. If you work with a professional oboist, ask their advice on tools and supplies.
Compare the cost of commercial reeds and the cost of tools and supplies. Reeds have a limited lifespan; most good tools last decades.

In my experience, players generally become their own best reedmakers whether they start from scratch, a reed blank, or finish and customize a commercial reed.

Online lessons offered for all customers who would like to learn more about reedmaking as explained in this book and based on my 45 years experience as a professional player, teacher, and reedmaker.
Ann Rosandich, oboe
Alan Weiss, flute

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Consider your reedmaking the same way you consider your investments:
No one will care more about how your reed responds, if it plays in tune, or how it feels to play than you do. You have the unique ability and opportunity to control the reeds you play and get the highest yield for your time and effort — and make better music.
The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Oboe Reedmaking affords any serious student or teacher a clear path to understanding and making workable, reliable oboe reeds. You can become your own best teacher by studying and understanding the detailed, comprehensive text and illustrations.
Every successful professional musician has ultimately learned the essential principle of self-teaching to continue their lifelong growth in a music career — or any serious endeavor. Those who blindly remain dependent on the expertise of others will forever need outside support to create and realize their musical ideas and be defined by others' knowledge and inspiration.
Any instructor whose priority is other than giving their student the ability to teach themselves may be regarded as self-serving. Self-reliance builds confidence and opens the door to life-long improvement of one's skills and satisfaction with one's work.
"Raise the price of your notes each day" (Stevens Hewitt) by understanding and making your own reeds.

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