" It is FANTASTIC…my congratulations to you for this huge undertaking and I am sure it will become the most read reedmaking book of this century!"  — Lynn Jacquin, Oboe; Chair, Woodwinds; Chair, Woodwind Chamber Music, New England Conservatory Preparatory School
 “I know it was a lot of work to complete and I admire your persistence in creating such a thorough and comprehensive thesis.  The illustrations are extremely well done too…Brava!  — Kristen Severson, Owner, Oboe Cane & Reeds
"I love the way you illustrated an instructionally mapped each process. I'm learning a lot!"  —Stuart Dunkel, former faculty Boston Conservatory
“… it looks really good! ... there is obviously a lot of information. I really like the graphics that you used along with the explanations - great job!”— Eugene Izotov, Principal Oboe San Francisco Symphony
“Congratulations, it is really fantastic. Of course here in Europe we have another style of reedmaking. But I am specialised in 18th century oboes and the way I make my baroque reeds are close to the american style. I am sure I will learn a lot by studying your illustrated encyclopedia. Keep me informed about Volume 2.” — Marcel Ponseele, Belgian oboist and conductor
“…I am already very impressed. Thanks for your industry and commitment to this great project, and congratulations on your accomplishment.” — Dan Stolper, former Instructor of Oboe Interlochen Arts Academy; Professor emeritus, Michigan State University
"I always recommend your Reed book to my students. Very thorough and clear with fantastic illustrations. Thanks for doing it!" — Jonathan Davis, Oboe lecturer, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music
"There are so many things I like about this book! The author uses clear language to describe all the intricacies of the American style of reed making in an amazingly detailed and logical fashion. Every page is filled with varied and fantastic illustrations that beautifully illuminate her words. I also love that she describes many different ways to sharpen a knife, not just one approach; and am equally impressed that she emphasizes a healthy and ergonomic approach to the work. Brava to Ann Rosandich for this indispensable addition to the literature about oboe reed making! — Stephen Caplan, Principal Oboe Las Vegas Philharmonic, Professor of Oboe at UNLV

Jane Wanger, Faculty All-Newton Music School

“This is such a great book-especially now when everything is virtual and we can’t teach in person- it has lots of clear and concise illustrations of every aspect of reed-making. No matter what stage you or your students are at, this book will serve as a valuable guide.”Jane Murray, Solo English horn, Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra

Many thanks for sending me “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Oboe Reedmaking.” It’s really gorgeous. The illustrations are stunningly good, and the content appears to be deeply interesting, thorough, and well-organized. Your choice of layout, book design, and fonts were superb, and led to a book that is both typographically pleasing and truly excellent.
Oboe reedmaking is certainly a subject that merits better exposure in the published literature and media. Many thanks for undertaking the project to write “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Oboe Reedmaking.” It’s a major contribution (especially in relation to[all its competitors]). — adult amateur
"As a beginner, I've found the step-by-step instructions and extensive illustrations very helpful. Additionally, sections on common mistakes and how to fix them (or when to give up) provide the kind of detail not often found in other guides." — Stephanie Johnson, adult amateur
“I admire the labour of love which this book shows. I think it is such a useful compendium of ideas and strategies for reed making. I myself learned a lot from it too and I have been making reeds for over 50 years!!!!!!!!!.” — Geoffrey Bridge, Hon Treasurer/Advertising Manager/Acting Membership Secretary British Double Reed Society
"Cuando compre este libro me encanto por que tiene muy bien explicado todo referente a la fabricación de cañas y todo lo que requiere , cepillado , herramienta , muy gráfico y buenos secretos que hace más fácil el entendimiento."  ["When I bought this book I loved it because it explained everything very well  related to the manufacture of reeds and everything that it requires, scraping, tools, very graphic and good secrets that make understanding easier.​​​​​​​] — Miguel Salazar, Principal Oboe, Orquesta Filarmónica del Estado de Querétaro
“Just got the book in the mail. It is Gorgeous!” — Kerry Willingham, Oboist and Master Reedmaker, The Reedmaker Reed Shop
“I finally got to see the actual book…and I loved it! Thanks for doing this important work! It may become a classic!” — Charlyn Bethell, freelance oboist, oboe instructor Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
"Ann's book is a delight. A must have for all oboe players. Clear, insightful, complete and informative."— David Chu, Co-owner VintageFluteShop .com, Owner Side Blown Technologies
"…let me congratulate you on your terrific oboe reedmaking encyclopedia. It has helped me a great deal." — Lou Cox
“…your book has been a source of inspiration for my reedmaking. The manner in which your book is organized fits perfectly with the way I need to approach things. For the first time I like my oboe reeds more than those made by the fellow with whom I had been studying reedmaking.” — Jim Adams, DMA
"I'm enjoying your book -- using it with a student and finding some pointers in there for me too!  Thank you." — Donna Cobert, Oboist,  Rhode Island Philharmonic

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